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Antioch Baptist Church

Rural Studio Church

This unique church, located in northwest Perry County, was designed and constructed by students of Auburn University’s Rural Studio located in Newbern, AL. Materials salvaged from the old Antioch Church were used for the paneling and overhead beams in the new church. This church is located in a remote area in the NW corner of […]

Uniontown: The Church of the Holy Cross

church of the Holy Cross

The following is on the Historical Marker located at this church: “May 1844 – Episcopalians in Uniontown and Marengo County united to form Union Parish. The parish was admitted to the Diocese of Alabama on May 2, 1845. After the donation of this site in 1847, ladies of the congregation diligently worked to raise sufficient […]

Zion United Methodist Church

Zion United Methodist Church

23. ZION UNITED METHODIST CHURCH-[Corner of Pickens & Martin Luther King Drive] Adjacent to the town square, Zion United Methodist Church was a focal point for civil rights meetings in the Sixties. The night march that ended with the shooting of Jimmie Lee Jackson started at this church. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #23 Zion […]

Siloam Baptist Church

Siloam Baptist Church

22. SILOAM BAPTIST CHURCH-[505 Washington Street] Founded 1822, the present Greek Revival building dates from 1849. Located in the Church Parlor is the table around which the Domestic Mission Board (now the North American Mission Board) was organized. The structure was made of bricks fabricated by local slaves and included a balcony for the slaves […]

Saint Wilfrid’s Church

Saint Wilfrid's Church & Cemetery

21. ST. WILFRID’S CHURCH AND CEMETERY-[102 Clements Street] Originally organized as St. Michael’s Parish, the church became St. Wilfrid’s in 1853. This is the third building on this site. The cemetery behind the Church contains 77 graves of soldiers who died at the Breckenridge Hospital on Howard College campus. The soldiers were originally buried behind […]

Mount Tabor Methodist Church

Mount Tabor Methodist Church

20. MOUNT TABOR METHODIST CHURCH [County Road 29 North, Approx. 11 miles] Located near the Scott home, Mount Tabor Church was an important site for civil rights meetings in the Sixties. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #20 Mount Tabor Methodist Church GPS Coordinates: 32.7448514, -87.3655564    

Marion United Methodist Church

Marion United Methodiest Church

19. MARION UNITED METHODIST CHURCH-[Washington Street] The church had its beginnings in 1819 on the corner of Jackson and Monroe Streets. The sanctuary of the present structure was completed in 1886. It was placed on the list of conference appointments for 1833. The annual conference met here in 1852 and 1867. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 […]

Marion Presbyterian Church


18. MARION PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-[Washington Street] Erected in 1877, the church was built on the lot where its first pastor’s widowed mother pitched a tent for herself and her six children. The pews, built with partitions down the center, and the clear glass-paned windows are noteworthy. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #18 Marion Presbyterian Church GPS […]

First Congregationalist Church of Marion

Congregationalist Church of Marion

17. FIRST CONGREGATIONALIST CHURCH OF MARION-[601 Clay Street] Organized and constructed in 1871 by freed slaves and the American Missionary Association, the Congregationalist Church is the oldest and most unaltered of the churches built by African-Americans in Marion, Alabama. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #17 First Congregationalist Church of Marion GPS Coordinates: 32.627702, -87.32831   […]

Berean Baptist Church

Berean Baptist Church

16. BEREAN BAPTIST CHURCH-[804 Washington Street] Built by freed slaves in 1873, Berean is an offspring of Siloam Baptist Church. Siloam and local Baptists gave $1000 for the building of the Berean. Berean was an important site for civil rights meetings in the Sixties. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #16 Berean Baptist Church GPS Coordinates: […]