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Chip Cooper’s Blackbelt Exhibit is available by appointment by calling the Chamber or Ann Price

Perry County Commission

There is a Public Comment session from 9:30 to 10:00 am followed by the Commission’s business session from 10:00 am till. These meetings are broadcast by WJUS 1310 Perry County Commission – Post Office Box 478, Marion, AL 36756 Chairman:     Ronald Miller               District 5    telephone 334.247.2077 Vice Chairman: Tim Sanderson               District 2    telephone 334-850-1430 Albert Turner, Jr.       […]

Whillard’s Bar B Que and Grill

Come eat with us as we have some of the best barbeque and soft ice cream in town   334.683.4200

New platbooks available for $40.00 at the chamber

Antioch Baptist Church

Rural Studio Church

This unique church, located in northwest Perry County, was designed and constructed by students of Auburn University’s Rural Studio located in Newbern, AL. Materials salvaged from the old Antioch Church were used for the paneling and overhead beams in the new church. This church is located in a remote area in the NW corner of […]



Elmcrest (ca 1838) is the oldest building on the Judson College campus. In 1851, Judge John Moore purchased this home from Samuel Fowlkes and remodeled it as a wedding gift for his bride, Emily Billingslea. Judge Moore was a captain in the Confederate army. He served as president of the Judson College Board of Trustees […]

Westwood Plantation

Westwood Plantation

Westwood is a historic plantation in Uniontown, Alabama. The main house was built between 1836 and 1850 by James Lewis Price. It is in the Greek Revival style with some Italianate influence. The outbuildings include a smokehouse with architectural detailing identical to the main house, a carriage house, a dairy, and a cook’s quarters. Westwood […]

Uniontown: The Church of the Holy Cross

church of the Holy Cross

The following is on the Historical Marker located at this church: “May 1844 – Episcopalians in Uniontown and Marengo County united to form Union Parish. The parish was admitted to the Diocese of Alabama on May 2, 1845. After the donation of this site in 1847, ladies of the congregation diligently worked to raise sufficient […]

Talbird Billingsley Waites Home


49. TALBIRD-BILLINGSLEY-WAITES HOUSE Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #49 GPS Coordinates: 32.622748, -87.318117        

Reverie Home

Reverie Home

46. REVERIE-[108 West Lafayette Street] Built in 1858, Reverie is a Greek revival home featuring doric columns made of triangular-shaped handmade brick. It is the home of Jack and Jackie Wood. Private Residence. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #46 Reverie GPS Coordinates: 32.63146, -87.319234          

Moore Lee Home

Moore-Lee Home

45. MOORE-LEE HOME- [405 West Green Street] Encompassing almost 5 acres, this 1840s home serves as the only Gothic style house in Marion and one of the last in Alabama. It was one the home of Alabama governor Andrew Barry Moore’s daughter. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #45 Moore-Lee Home GPS Coordinates: 32.633278, -87.324722  

Wiley Harris Home

Wiley Harris Home

39. WILEY-HARRIS HOME – [106 Convenient Street] A Greek Revival home built about 1838. Attached to the house is the building which once served as headquarters of the Alabama Baptist State Convention. Along with the only remaining incense cedar tree brought to Marion from California in the 1870’s, the grounds contain many old camellias. Discover […]

Lovelace Lewis Home


38. Myrtle Hill (LOVELACE-LEWIS Home)-[303 West Lafayette Street] Built ca. 1840 by John Huntington, son of the Revolutionary War Veteran Roswell Huntington. The Lovelace-Lewis house is currently operated as a Bed and Breakfast by LTC and Mrs. Carlos Lewis. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #38 Myrtle Hill (Lovelace-Lewis) GPS Coordinates: 32.631271, -87.327431       […]

Lockett-Martin Home


37. LOCKETT-MARTIN-[211 West Lafayette] Built in the early 1840’s by Napoleon Lockett and his wife Mary. Mrs. Lockett and a group of Marion ladies sewed the original Stars and Bars of the Confederacy here. This is a private residence – drive by only. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #37 Lockett-Martin GPS Coordinates: 32.631311, -87.325373   […]

King Colburn McMillan Home

King-Colburn House

35. KING-COLBURN-MCMILLAN-[309 Clay Street] Built for general Edward King in 1819. General King played a strong role in the area’s development. He served as trustee for the the University of Alabama, on the board of directors of the Marion Female Seminary, and was one of the founders of Judson College. He also contributed the use […]

Holmestead Plantation

Holmestead Farms

33. MOORE-WEBB-HOLMES PLANTATION-[Highway 14 West, Approx. 7 miles] This is possibly the only working plantation remaining in the state. Many of the original service buildings are still standing. It is located 6 miles west of Marion on Alabama Highway 14. Seven miles west of Marion at Folsom is one of Alabama’s last active plantations, one […]

Carlisle Hall


31. CARLISLE HALL (KENWORTHY HALL)- [Highway 14 West, Approx. 2 miles] The house was completed in 1860. Richard Upjohn, noted 19th century architect, designed it for Edward K. Carlisle. It is one of the best examples of Italian Villa style in Alabama. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #31 Carlisle Hall (Kenworthy Hall) GPS Coordiantes: 32.635139, […]

Site of Jimmy Lee Jackson’s Shooting


30. SITE OF JIMMY LEE JACKSON’S SHOOTING-[Jefferson Street] Mack’s Cafe once stood here, behind Zion Chapel’s Methodist Church. It was at this location that Jimmy Lee Jackson was shot by an Alabama state trooper. Also see the gravesite of Jimmy Lee Jackson. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #30 Site of Jimmy Lee Jackson’s Homicide GPS […]

Gravesite of Jimmy Lee Jackson

Jimmy Lee Jackson Grave

29. GRAVESITE OF JIMMY LEE JACKSON-[Highway 14 East, Approx. 5 miles] Jimmy Lee Jackson was a victim of the civil rights struggle of the Sixties. On February 18, 1965, the 26 year old Marion native, Jimmie Lee Jackson, was shot by an Alabama State Trooper while participating in a civil rights march in Marion. He […]

Gravesite of Idella Jones Childs

Gravesite of Idella Childs

28. GRAVESITE OF IDELLA JONES CHILDS-[Marion Cemetery] Idella Childs was dedicated to preserving the legacy of Lincoln School and was a promoter of the arts. Discover Perry County Call 1.334.526.3061 Site #28 Gravesite of Idella Jones Childs GPS Coordinates: 32.631686, -87.313601