Did You Know?

Membership dues to the Perry County Chamber of Commerce play a vital role in sustaining the everyday operation of the office. A strong membership is the “backbone” of a successful Chamber.

Did You Know?

The official Information/Visitor’s Center for Marion/Perry County is the Chamber office at the Depot?
When the Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network from the University of Alabama called and wanted to know if Marion would be interested in a Small Business Research Center, the chamber worked with them. Because of this partnership, Marion/Perry County has the research resources for our citizens who are interested in beginning or improving their business and making it become a reality. This center is set up at the Depot to assist you with business research, business plans and professional help in operations.

When a television station wants to do a special segment on our city they call the Chamber office to organize all the details of their time in our area?
The Chamber sponsors annually the Membership Dinner in January, Farm/City Breakfast in November, Golf Benefit in the Spring, and other seminars and workshops throughout the year. These events are always advertised by fliers in town, newspaper and other media sources.

When an outside industry needs information about our area, they call the Chamber office? When they come to “look around”, the Chamber is their guide?
The Chamber office keeps a supply of maps and brochures of our area for citizens or visitors to pick up. We also fix packets to mail out when requested by phone or e-mail.

When a dignitary comes to Marion, the Chamber office is contacted to make speaking arrangements?

When local clubs and organizations need a speaker to talk about our community, they call the Chamber?

When someone needs a list of all the clubs, organizations, businesses, emergency listings, churches, etc., they call the Chamber?

When out-of-town groups want to spend a day touring and learning about the abundance of history in Marion/Perry County, they call the Chamber to make arrangements and be the guide?

These are only a few of the things the Chamber is responsible for. Your membership is very important. Won’t you please take time to fill out the membership form, send a check, and become an important part of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce.

Marion is the founding site for four of Alabama’s Colleges

Alabama State University, Judson College 1838, Howard College which is now Samford University 1842 and Marion Military Institute – its first session 1887.

Where General Sam Huston, President of the Republic of Texas in 1840, married for the second time.

Margaret Lea married General Houston in her brother’s house in Marion on Green Street. As a side note, Margaret Lea attended Judson. Even though several people were against the marriage as Sam was a womanizer, the wedding took place in May of 1840. The pastor of Siloam preformed the ceremony and the knot lasted till Houston’s death on July 26, 1863. For you counters she was 21 and the General was 47.

One Confederate flag was designed in Marion – The Stars and Bars in 1861.

Coretta Scott King is from Marion and is a graduate of Lincoln Normal School. She was the wife of Civil Rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King.

The Home of the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame.

The Home of Alabama’s Military Hall of Honor.

The Baptists home Mission Board was founded here and Siloam Baptist Church houses the original table around which the meeting was held.

The Baptist Newspaper was founded in Marion. W. > Wilkerson, M.D. furnished the means for starting the Alabama Baptist in Marion.

Nathan Bedford Forrest resided here at one time.  It is said that he recorded some of the activities of the time on the basement wall of the house where he stayed which is located 3 houses west of Mytrle Hill on West Lafayette Street.

The town where Jimmy Lee Jackson was shot and later died in Selma. Buried East of Marion on Alabama Highway 14.

Andrew Barry Moore elected Governor in 1857. He is buried at a site near Folsom on Alabama Highway 14.

The home of Albert Turner, Sr. , a voting rights hero, who led the mule that pulled the casson of Re. Martin Luther King at his funeral. He is buried off Alabama Highway 14 West of Folsom.

The Chamber partners with the University of Alabama in providing an Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network for individuals and companies needing information about the facts that are necessary for business decisions. Computer equipment is available to use in this research as well as many references in hard copy. Workshops can be supported when requested. For new businesses this is a must for business plans and the demographics affecting businesses. This is a very important asset for those interested in developing Perry County or any business anywhere. You can see more about AERN at http://aern.cba.ua.edu

The first paved 10,000 foot air strip in Alabama is in Perry County – Vaiden Field

The tallest bird watching tower in the USA is located just North of Marion at Barton’s Beach on highway 175.

There is a Banquet Hall available for meetings and parties on East Green Street.